Where to farm Loot-O-Grams in Borderlands 3, and what they do

It might be valuable.

Borderlands 3

Loot-O-Grams are an interesting item in Borderlands 3. They look like an Eridium bar, but with a glow of a Legendary item. They don’t do much by themselves, but you can hand them in to Crazy Earl in the cargo bay of the Sanctuary III for a chance at a Legendary. Although, he could just end up giving you a piece of garbage. It’s all quite random, but an interesting way to try and get some Legendaries if you only recently started playing the game.

To get Loot-O-Grams, you will need to farm an enemy called Dinklebot. You can find Dinklebot (yes, it’s a reference to Destiny) on Promethea, in the Skywell-27 sector.

Dinklebot Location

When you arrive in the area, Dinklebot will spawn and you will need to kill him. He can be quite tough for new players, with plenty of shields and armor, so be sure to bring weapons that do Electrical and Corrosive damage to deal with him. When he dies, he will drop a Loot-O-Gram that you can then pick up.

Dinklebot can also potentially drop some Legendaries when he dies, so it is a pretty efficient farm for some items in the game. When you get the Loot-O-Gram, you can reload into the area and kill him again, as you can carry multiple Loot-O-Grams at a time.


When you are done, return to Sanctuary III and go visit Crazy Early in the cargo bay. You can hand in the Loot-O-Grams to him for a chance at yet another Legendary item.