Where to find the loading screen picture at a Quinjet Patrol Site in Fortnite – Wolverine Challenges

Gone hunting.


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 2 is here, bringing a new Wolverine challenge. This time we are on the hunt for the Adamantium Slash loading screen, and you can actually find it while playing a match. You will need to visit a Quinjet patrol site and take on the Stark Robots if you want to complete this step.

How to find a Quinjet Site


Finding Quinjets is very easy to do. At the start of each match they will fly past the Battle Bus and make their way to the areas marked on the map with blue smoke. These are easy to spot from the Battle Bus, so you can just find one that you like the look of and head there as you drop in.

Now, it is important to get looted up before heading to the site, as the Quinjets are patrolled by Stark Robots armed with laser rifles. Grab some weapons, then head to the Quinjet site and take out the robots. Head into the Quinjet itself and you will find the loading screen on the wall near the front of the vehicle.

It doesn’t matter which one you head for, they will all have a loading screen located near the front. All you need to do is search it and the challenge is complete. This is the second Wolverine challenge, and the first was to investigate the mysterious claw marks at Weeping Woods.

There will be four more weeks of challenges, with the sixth and final week rewarding us with the Wolverine skin, Weapon-X Emote, a banner, and the Wolverine Awakening challenges. Check back each week for guides on how to complete each step of the challenge.