Where to find Powerful Cabal in Destiny 2 – Powerful Cabal Shotgun Bounty

Take it to them.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

New bounties from Rasputin during the Season of the Worthy will send you on a mission to find and kill Powerful Cabal enemies. Finding these guys is actually pretty easy, and our old friend Calus has set up a nice buffet for us.

The Leviathan

If you load into the Leviathan, you will find eight Powerful Cabal enemies waiting for you, that are very easy to take out. Just snipe them, or take them out with your weapon of choice. I like to just take out the first six, then reload into the Raid again to make them respawn, and take out four more. You only need ten in total to finish the bounty.

Public Events

If you are not quite up to the task of even the earliest stage of the Leviathan yet, then Public Events are your friend.

The Cabal Excavation is a great place to find powerful Cabal enemies. You can find it at Artifact’s Edge on Nessus, and the Lost Oasis on Io. Multiple Powerful enemies will spawn over the course of the event, so you should easily wrap up the bounty there.

The Injection Rig public event will also have plenty of Powerful Cabal that will spawn in. You can find this event at The GUlch and Sunken Isles on the EDZ, or the Cistern on Nessus.


If you regularly play Gambit, then you can find Powerful Cabal every time they end up being the enemy horde in this mode. It’s not ideal, as you never know which enemy type you will be fighting, but if you are in no rush, and play a lot of Gambit anyway, it’s a solid way to find them.