Where to find Powerful Hive in Destiny 2 – Powerful Hive Fusion Bounty

Bring a sword?

Destiny 2

One of the new Rasputin Daily Bounties in Destiny 2 is the Powerful Hive Fusion Bounty. There are two ways to finish it. You can either make for the Crucible and kill Guardians with a Fusion Rifle, or you can take out some Powerful Hive enemies. Finding these chittering villains is pretty easy to do, thankfully.

Escalation Protocol

Hands down the quickest way to get this bounty wrapped up, Escalation Protocol takes place on Mars. The event revolves around wave after wave of Hive enemies trying to eat your face, many of which will be Powerful. Spawn at either Mars location, then interact with one of Rasputin’s pylons to start the process.

Just one or two stages should be enough to get the bounty finished up.

Public Events

Thew Witches’ Ritual public event is a great source of Powerful Hive. You can find this event at The Rig on Titan, near the Hellmouth on the Moon, and near the Glacial Drift on Mars. It should be easy to get all ten kills that you need in a single event.


If you regularly play Gambit, then you can find Powerful Hive every time they end up being the enemy horde in this mode. It’s not ideal, as you never know which enemy type you will be fighting, but if you are in no rush, and play a lot of Gambit anyway, it’s a solid way to find them.


Not the most effective way, but for some people, I imagine it might make sense to do it this way. Savathun’s Song, Strange Terrain, Will of Thousands, The Scarlet Keep, and Broodhold will all contain Powerful Hive enemies for you to kill.