Where to get animals for your farm in Story of Season: Friend of Mineral Town

Animal farm, but nice.

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

While crops are important to getting your farm started, animals are very important to turn it into a true success. You can buy and breed all kinds of different animals, and there are two main places in town to buy them from. Both Po Poultry and Yodel Ranch are right beside each other in the nearby village, and you can see them marked on the map below.


To buy animals, heads to either shop, although it is potentially easier to start with chickens. Different animals will give you different things, such as eggs, milk, or wool. The more an animal likes you, the better quality products they will provide you, so be sure to read up about how to properly take care of your animals in our useful guide.

You don’t want to buy all your animals. You only need to buy one chicken, you can get more chickens from eggs, and you can use breeding kits to make new animals. The advantage of this is that these animals will naturally like your more, giving you better produce.

Po Poultry

Po Poultry is open every day from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm except on Sundays, and sells the following animals:

  • Chicken – 1500 Gold
  • Brown Chicken – 1500 Gold
  • Angora Rabbit – 3000 Gold

You can also buy the following items for your animals:

  • Chicken/Rabbit Feed – 10 Gold
  • Rabbit Breeding Kit – 2000 Gold

Yodel Ranch

Yodel Ranch is open and sells the following animals:

  • Calf – 5000 Gold
  • Coffee Calf – 10000 Gold
  • Strawberry Calf – 10000 Gold
  • Fruit Calf – 10000 Gold
  • Sheep – 4000 Gold
  • Alpaca – 4000 Gold

You can also buy the following items for your animals:

  • Fodder – 20 Gold
  • Cow Breeding Kit – 3000 Gold
  • Sheep Breeding Kit – 3000 Gold
  • Alpaca Breeding Kit – 3000 Gold