Where is Hellas Basin in Destiny 2?

A lot closer than you think.

Destiny 2

For Season of the Worthy, you will need to complete the Raising our Defences quest. The first part of this is to speak with Ana Bray, on Mars. She will tell you that you need to collect some Light at Hellas Basin. If you are wondering where Hellas Basin is, the answer is very simple. It’s right outside the door of Braytech, the building where you find Ana.

The entire upper area of Mars is Hellas Basin, so creating and collecting orbs of light there will be fine. The easiest way to do it is during a Public Event that happens right outside or Braytech, or through Escalation Protocol, as that activity always has a lot of Guardians doing it.

Hellas Basin

You can also use Masterworked weapons to generate an Orb of Light when you quickly kill two enemies in a row with it. This is very useful, as you can pick up those Orbs yourself, completing both parts of the quest step quite easily. If you don’t have any Masterworked weapons, then you will definitely need some fellow Guardians to generate Orbs of Light for you.

If you do have Masterworked weapons and want to find a lot of enemies fast, then make your way to the Lost Sector to the west of Braytech Futurescape, shown above. This Lost Sector is filled with low tier Hive enemies, and getting multi-kills on them is very easy, so generating Orbs of Light won’t be difficult.