Where is the Catzo Marker in Find the Markers

The Catzo Marker in Find the Markers might seem hard to find, but it is a single chat message away.

Standing Next to the Catzo Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

Screenshot by Gamepur

Sometimes, perplexing mysteries require only a single step to be solved, like finding the Catzo Marker in Roblox Find the Markers. Despite being a Medium Marker, this collectible has stumped many players since its release in January 2022. If you check the index, the hint for finding the Catzo Marker is “Laugh clip,” which offers anything but clarification as to this collectible’s whereabouts. Long-time players of Roblox games might recognize the name “Catzo” as a Roblox content creator on YouTube. According to the Marker’s description, “He is the reason why emotes got removed” from the game.

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Finding the Catzo Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

Secret chat password to enter the Catzo Marker Location in Find the Markers
Screenshot by Gamepur

As noted above, finding the Catzo Marker in Roblox Find the Markers only requires a single step. After arriving at Spawn, interact with your server’s chat and type in the phrase “/e laugh.” Make sure that there is a space after “e” and that the forward slash comes before the “e.” Once you hit enter, you will be instantly teleported to a yellow-colored brick room the size of a small house in Roblox. At the back of the secret room sits the Catzo Marker in Find the Markers, with the text “use star code curt” on the wall behind it.

There are no prerequisites that must be met prior to accessing the Catzo Marker’s location in Roblox Find the Markers. Once you arrive at Spawn, you can immediately transport yourself to the hidden room whenever you want. However, remember that the secret chatbox phrase only works in The Mainland. We tried typing “/e laugh” in the Washable Kingdom and even the difficulty dimension in Find the Markers. However, the teleportation effect only seems to work in The Mainland. If you use it anywhere else, your Avatar will perform a laughing emote, after which nothing will happen.