Where is the item store in Phasmophobia?

Welcome to your new lobby area.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There have been multiple changes added to Phasmophobia following the Apocalpyse update. There have been a handful of quality of life changes for players while they play a game, along with custom difficulties, but the biggest change is the new lobby area. It now takes place in a warehouse and comes with a new location to explore before investigating a location. However, the item store is now not on the main menu. Where can you find the item store in Phasmophobia?

How to get to the item store in Phasmophobia

You won’t have to go too far to begin purchasing items. You will need to exit the lobby menu to begin exploring the warehouse, and to the right of where you are standing when staring at the board, there will be a large screen that says Equipment Store. Approach this screen, and interact with it to begin picking and choosing every item you want to purchase.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

There will be a Loadout Screen and a Shop option. You want to click the Shop on the right while at the Equipment Store page to determine what items you want to add to your overall list. It never hurts to have too many of one item, and we encourage you to bring the most helpful items to figure out what ghost you will be dealing with during your hunt.

After you’ve purchased all the items you can afford and plan to bring with you, return to the Loadout screen and select the items you want to bring. Your preferred Loadout will be saved for every ghost hunt you embark on moving forward. So long as you’ve purchased the correct number of items in your inventory and have them available, you will bring them each time you start a game. The items will not come with you if you have not purchased them.