Where to catch Aquanaja in New World

These legendary fish are just waiting for you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll be able to catch several fish all over New World that you can casually catch from nearly any of the water sources in the game. However, they do have different rarities, and there are legendary fish you can add to your collection, using in some of the best cooking recipes. Aquanaja is one of these fish, and you’ll need to find it in a specific region. In this guide, we’re going to detail where you need to go to catch an Aquanaja in New World.

If you’re searching for an Aquanaja, you’ll need to try finding it in Mourningdale. Your best bet is to try fishing in any of the Fishing Hotspot locations you can find in this area. We have those locations pictured below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mourningdale has a handful of locations for you to explore. Of the options, we’re going to recommend you avoid the Fishing Hotspot site at the middle of the map because it’s a ‘broad’ location, meaning it has the lowest chances for you to capture a legendary fish. The hotspot location at the north of the map, next to Cragview, or the one to the east next to Broken Promise are your best options as both are secret fishing sites. Your next best locations include the Fishing Hotspot next to New Balefire, another next to the fort, and the last one south of Subra.

When visiting each location you’ll want to bring with your plenty of Firefly or Glowworm bait to increase your chances of encountering this fish.