Where to Dance at Holiday Trees in Different Named Locations in Fortnite


Fortnite’s Winterfest continues, which means new daily challenges are waiting for you. All you need to do is visit the Winterfest Lodge through the menus, and search your Holiday Stocking, grabbing your daily present while you are there. You can open one present a day, which can contain gliders, music, Back Bling, and even new skins.

Winterfest Holiday Tree Locations Fortnite

Today’s challenge is to dance at five different Holiday Trees in named locations. You can find the locations of the various Holiday Trees shown on the map above. They are easy to see as you drop in because they are all done up with lights and decorations, so land at one and then dance. You don’t need to get them all in one round, thankfully, and you have until Jan. 7 to finish up this challenge and claim your free loot.

The trees have some chests under them, and a Star Wars chest spawning under then seems to be pretty common, so keep an eye out for Lightsabers. These areas are also pretty busy right now because everyone is trying to get their dancing done, so you will more than likely have to fight quite a lot while doing this. Hopefully, people at least give you time to bust a move before they start shooting at you.

Winterfest goes until Jan. 7, with lots more challenges on the way. Don’t forget; the Winterfest Cabin is in the game, not only in the menus, although it is a little worse for wear when you see it in the game itself.