Where to farm Grenade Ash in Final Fantasy XIV

Pick up the ash to create some wild fires.

Image via Square-enix

If you’re looking to add an open fire hearth or some firewood to your home in Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll need to hunt down Grenade Ash. This resource is used in various cosmetic recipes, and in patch 5.5, you’ll need to use it to create the Wanderer’s Campfire, a stationary minion that you can take with you to warm your party members wherever you go. There are several locations you can find this resource, and you can also purchase it from a specific NPC.

Where to find Grenade Ash

Grenade Ash drops from multiple locations. You can find them off of the Bomb Baron and Grenades dropped in the Northern Thanalan, and it also drops off of Grenades that spawn in Outer La Noscea.

The Bomb Baron and the Grenades that spawn in Northern Thanalan can be found near X: 25 Y:23.5. These enemies will be at level 49, so you’ll want to have a job equipped to handle them. The Grenades that spawn in Outer La Noscea will be at coordinates X: 22 Y: 14. These enemies will vary from levels 41 to 44. There is a handful that appears at each location, but you should be able to pull them away from any larger groups to fight them one at a time.

Where to buy Grenade Ash

If you prefer to avoid any conflicts, you can also purchase them from Z’ranmaia. They will be at Limasa Lominsa Upper Decks, at coordinates X: 11.3 Y: 8.1. They’re selling grenade ash for 216 gil.