Where to farm Seraphite in Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has all kinds of resources you will need to collect to upgrade your weapons and armor. Each time you try to infuse weapons, you use various planetary resources, including Seraphite.

Where to get Seraphite

Seraphite is a planetary resource on Mars. You can gather it from several different sources, and even some activities reward you with Seraphite.

You can get Seraphite from the following sources:

  • Resoure nodes on the surface of Mars
  • Planetary and world chests
  • Defeat high priority targets
  • Complete Public Events
  • Lost Sectors
  • Patrols

Some Ghosts have a perk allowing them to highlight the location of Seraphite clusters on Mars. Check your inventory to see if you have one that has the Mars Resource Detector perk to make finding these clusters much more straightforward while on Mars.

An excellent source for all planetary resources in the game is the Spider, who is in Tangled Shore. He has a rotating stock of resources you can purchase for Legendary Shards or Glimmer. It is a great idea to visit him often and stock up on whatever he has available. On days when he is selling resources for Glimmer, grab as many as you can, because Glimmer is so easy to earn in the game.

Traveling the map with a Mars Resource Detector Ghost and doing Public Events is the quickest way to farm Seraphite. You can also grab some Patrols to do while you are traveling between Public Events.