Where to find a Benefactor Feltzer in GTA 5

A mysterious benefactor awaits in GTAV.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Grand Theft Auto V and online feature a large assortment of vehicles. Los Santos is home to dune buggies, monster trucks, and sleek sports cars. The Benefactor Feltzer is an expensive, high-end sports car near wealthy neighborhoods and street race locations. This guide will cover some areas you can find this luxury ride.

The Benefactor Feltzer

Screenshot by Gamepur

This is the car you’re looking for. Pictured above are two variant colors of this hard-to-find car, so keep an eye on its unique body kit and spoiler while you’re on the road searching for it. Now that you know what to look for, these are two places to find one for yourself.

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The Rockford Hills Location

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Feltzer is a fast and pricey ride. Outside of purchasing one via Legendary Motorsports for $145,000, your best bet is to find one in one of two distinct locations. The Rockford Hills section of Los Santos is the fastest spot to catch one. This car is not a guaranteed spawn, so you may have to circle the block a few times until one shows up.

If you stay along the purple strip on the map pictured above, you should find one either parked or driven on that street. This is a fast car, and citizens won’t give it up without trying to escape. If you are going to steal one being driven, block them with another vehicle first.

The Galileo Observatory Map Location

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Galileo Observatory is located to the North of the central city. The hills before you reach the deserts and trailer parks are at the top of the map. The picture above is the exact spot to look for this rare car. The Galileo parking lot is a decent location with reasonable spawn rates for expensive vehicles. The Benefactor Feltzer can spawn here randomly, so if Rockford Hills is empty, come here next.

Cycling back and forth between both spots will eventually spawn this vehicle, so be persistent in your hunt. Simeon Gideon often reaches out to players after hitting rank 10 with a hit list of cars. This vehicle can appear on his hit list, so keep these locations in mind if you need to steal one or two for him.