Where to find a Sky Spoon lure in Final Fantasy XIV

The right tools for the right job.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are several types of lures and bait you’ll be using to catch various fish throughout Final Fantasy XIV. While knowing where to find a fish is essential, having the correct way to attract them is instrumental to reeling them in. A critical lure you’ll want to add to your collection in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion is the Sky Spoon lure. In this guide, we’ll cover where you can find the Sky Spoon lure and how to get it in Final Fantasy XIV.

You pick up the Sky Spoon lure by heading to the Scrip Exchange. It’s a level 80 bait that costs 50 White Scrips. If you’re looking to add White Scrips to your inventory, you can grab them by unlocking the Collectables in Radz-at-Han at coordinates (X:11, Y:10). However, an alternative to this is heading over to the Stadium in Old Sharlayan at coordinates (X:4, Y:9) and completing Stadium Delivery quests. Once you have enough, return to the Scrip Exchange and exchange them for the Sky Spoon lure.

You’re going to need this lure if you catch several fish, such as the Smaragdos. It’s a required Leve Quest fish that you’ll need to locate in Elpis. Without the Sky Spoon lure, you won’t be able to catch this fish.