Where to find Ace’s Exotics or Armory Vending Machines in Fortnite Most Wanted

Arm yourself with Ace’s finest to earn the best rewards.


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Fortnite’s Most Wanted event has a reward track to complete and quests that will boost you along it for the limited amount of time it’s available. This guide explains how to complete one of those quests by finding Ace’s Exotics or Armory Vending Machines while you’re playing a match.

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Where can you find Ace’s Exotics or Armory Vending Machines?

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During the Most Wanted event, most, if not all, of the Vending Machines in the game have been replaced with Ace’s Exotics or Armory Vending Machines. They look similar but will have different names when you approach them. One that we have found appears every time we drop into a match is in front of the large building inĀ Faulty Splits. There are, of course, Vending Machines in other areas, but this is the most reliable location we’ve found. If you’re trying to complete the associated quest or just want to get your hands on some decent weapons before someone shoots you, mark Faulty Splits on the map as soon as you’re on the Battle Bus. Then, drop down there and use the Vending Machine quickly before anyone can put you down while you’re not paying attention.

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Once you land in the area, go down to street level and locate the nearest Vending Machine. It should be either an Ace’s Exotics or Ace’s Armory Vending Machine. To complete the quest linked with buying weapons from these Vending Machines, you need to purchase ten weapons. The cheapest way to do this is to buy gas canisters, grenades, and then pistols. Ammo doesn’t count toward the quest.

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What’s the difference between Ace’s Exotics and Ace’s Armory Vending Machines?

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Ace’s Exotics Vending Machines sell Exotic weapons. However, these cost hundreds, sometimes thousands, of Gold Bars, meaning you can probably buy one or two at most per match. On the other hand, Ace’s Armory Vending Machines sells basic weapons for a few hundred Gold Bars at most. Buying weapons from either counts towards the Most Wanted event quest, but you’re more likely to complete the quest in a single match if you buy your weapons from the cheaper Vending Machine.