All Cold Blooded Vault locations in Fortnite Most Wanted

Pick up a collection of new Exotics from these special vaults.

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Fortnite’s Most Wanted event has delivered a brand new selection of Exotic weapons to its battle royale modes, each having a unique power all its own. That said, players will only have a high chance of obtaining them by cracking open Cold Blooded Vaults. These are kept in hidden locations around the map and are protected by numerous enemy NPCs. Here is where you can discover every Cold Blooded Vault in Fortnite.

Where to find Cold Blooded Vaults in Fortnite

Cold Blooded Vaults are few and far in between, as each one sits in a different region on the map. To make matters more complicated, they are in the bottom floors of large named locations, all but guaranteeing several other opponents will be dropping near you. Additionally, the vaults will be locked at the start of each match, so be sure to pick up their keycards before heading to them. You can find all Cold Blooded Vault locations marked and detailed below.

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  • Cold Blooded Vault location #1: The first vault can be found inside Brutal Bastion, sitting at the bottom level of the largest building on the north side of the POI.
  • Cold Blooded Vault location #2: Another Cold Blooded Vault rests in the mining shift on the west of Shattered Slabs.
  • Cold Blooded Vault location #3: You can run into one last vault on the basement floor of the bowling alley in Faulty Splits. The stairs to its basement can be found next to the building’s food court area near its front entrance.

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The Exotic weapons from the vaults will do more than just earn eliminations for you. Those who are able to complete the Most Wanted quest of dealing 2,000 damage with Exotic or unvaulted weapons will net 1,000 Infamy, which essentially functions as added progress in the event’s reward tracker. There are 12 diverse cosmetics to gain from the tracker, with one even being the Gold Blooded Ace skin, which is inspired by the Cold Blooded NPC of the same name.