Where to find all Charlie Dolls in Resident Evil 3: Remake

There are 20 Charlie dolls in the game.

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There are Charlie Dolls all over Resident Evil 3: Remake. 20, in fact. Locating them all takes some time and quite a bit of detective work. You need to check every corner of the game, and sometimes, even then, you may miss one or two of them before the game is over. We listed out where to find each one, and where you need to go.

Redstone Street Station

You can find the first Charlie Doll shortly after Carlos saves you from Nemesis the first time you the two of you meet. Rather than following Carlos, go back the way you came, up the stairs. Look for the two newsstands on the right side, and the first Charlie Doll should between them. You can miss this doll, and not return to it for the rest of the game. Make sure to obtain it before you do anything else.

Toy Store

You can find the next one inside of the toy store that’s on the right side of the subway station. You can see the store shortly after you exit the alleyway with the two zombies, right before you speak to Carlos about putting out the fires to progress through the game. However, you won’t be able to access the store until you have the lock pick, which you acquire later on. After you have the lock pick, you need to backtrack to this location to open the store. The Charlie Doll and the green gem are inside.

Drug store warehouse

The drugstore warehouse has two zombies inside of it. You enter here after speaking to Carlos about needing to put out the fires and go to the right of the Donut Shop. Follow the stairs up to the location to the right of the Donut shop, and then go to the left. When you enter the warehouse, there’s a dead zombie on the ground, to the left of a safe. Inside the warehouse is a large cabinet full of boxes with a left and right side. Go to the left side, and in the upper area, you’ll see the Charlie doll. There is a zombie on the other side, so make sure to take care of it first.

Donut Shop

Inside the Moon’s Donuts, you can find a Charlie doll behind the counter. It’s closer to the right side, next to the microwave. You spend plenty of time traveling back and forth around this area, so you can pick it up at any time before advancing to the next location.

Subway Office

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In the subway office station, to the left of the pharmacy, there’s a zombie inside that building you need to take out. After that, you discover you need some bolt cutters to open a shotgun safe and a lock pick to gain access to a locker. If you obtain all of these items, you’re good to go. In the control room area, the room right before you find the shotgun, look under to the tables to the left. You should see a Charlie doll hiding there.

Subway Power Station Control Room

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When you near the end of the area to turn on the power for the subway station, make sure to investigate the safe room. You can grab this Charlie doll when you first enter it, or right before you leave. Regardless, you want to look to the corner area where there’s a bookshelf. Tucked away in the back is the Charlie doll, which is a little difficult to see because it’s fairly dark in that area of the room.

Sewers, lab

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Finding a Charlie doll in the sewers is no easy task. You can locate one of them immediately to the left of the ladder you take to go inside of the lab. Stand in front of the ladder and look to your left. Aim down the sights of your weapon to get a better view, and slowly inch toward the orange cone. The doll is hidden behind it.

Sewer Exit

After you obtain the battery pack and proceed through the sewer, you kick down the ladder to use the battery pack for the final time. After you go through the door, go to the stairs. You might trigger a quick conversation with Carlos, and if that happens, go through and wait on the stairs. After it’s finished, turn around, and there’s a Charlie doll on top of the light right above the stairs.

Building after Gun Store

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Following your first boss fight with Nemesis, you will eventually find your way into a gun store where you get a key to an alleyway. After going through the alley, you will find yourself in a building with an advanced zombie. Take out the zombie, and in the first room, on the left side, is a Charlie doll on the countertop.

Outside Police Station

After having Carlos shoot Brad, don’t go inside of the police station. Instead, go to the left, back the way you came. On the right should be a small stairwell you can go down. Go to the door on the left to grab anything useful, and continue up the stairwell. When you reach the top, on a small curb to the left of where you come out should be a Charlie doll.

Police Station Safety Deposit Room

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While still playing Carlos and having made your way through the police station, you will walk past a locked Safety Deposit room. To gain access to it, make your way to the S.T.A.R.S offices on the second floor, but instead of going inside, continue up the flight of stairs to the third floor. Find the key to the Safety Deposit room on top of some boxes. Return to the first floor, open up the door, kill the zombie inside of the room, and find the Charlie doll on the left side of the shelves in the back area.

Underground Cell Block

When you start playing Jill again, you will run straight into a safe room full of mine rounds you can use with your grenade launcher. Grab those, save, and then continue into the game. Eventually, you will encounter a small chokepoint full of zombies. Kill them, and there are two cells on both sides of the wall. The cell on the right, the second one, will have a Charlie doll underneath the bench.

Clock Tower Plaza

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Shortly after exiting the tunnels, you will hear Nemesis scream. You’ll enter an open area with some decent gear Jill can grab to rearm herself. In the middle of the plaza is a green van. Stand behind it, and look to the right to find the Charlie doll hanging out next to a crate.

Hospital First Floor

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When you have the opportunity to play as Carlos once again, you make your way to the hospital in an attempt to cure Jill of the virus. Make your way toward the right side of the hospital to the reception of the area. Take out the zombies in this area, and proceed to the hallway and go to the right side. At the end of the hallway, on top of a medical bed is the next Charlie doll.

Hospital Roof

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At the top of the hospital, on the second floor, turn to the left, and you will find yourself on the roof. There’s a body here, which will eventually reanimate if you visit this location a second time. Move a little way in front of the doors, but stop and turn around. There’s a Charlie doll on the right side of the doors.

Hospital Sickroom

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On the second floor of the hospital, there’s a hidden one that’s pretty tricky and easy to miss if you don’t look for it. You can find it in the sickroom. On the right side of the room, look inside of the trashcan at the corner. It should be inside of it.


When you wake up as Jill, you need to make your way through the hospital and pick the lock to enter the underground. Continue down the path as you normally would. However, don’t use the elevator yet. Turn to the left, and look at the Forklift. The Charlie doll should be sitting on it, just before the box.

Underground Warehouse

The next Charlie doll is in the Underground warehouse, where you’re looking for fuses to advance in the game. You find it a short distance into the warehouse, on the far left side. You can find it after Jill slips through a few shelves. After you go through those shelves, look to your right. It should be on the side, right before the opening.

Second Floor of Nest Lab

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On the second floor of the Nest Lab, you receive the information you need to synthesis the vaccine at the facility. While in the large room where you obtain the flash drive to do it, look to the right side of the room to a balcony. In the left corner is the next Charlie doll.

Second Floor of Nest Lab, Storage Room

The final Charlie doll is in the storage room. You need the override flash drive key to access it, and when you do, it’ll be in the second-floor room, to the left side. You should find it in the bottom left area.