Where to find all Lugh armor pieces in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Lugh’s legendary armor.

Lugh’s armor is scattered between two rivers in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You can find them by raiding the River Berbha and the River Erriff. While you’ll have to unlock access to the Erriff by finding a River Map Clue on the River Berbha, both locations will give you access to this armor. This guide details all of the locations you need to visit to find the five Lugh armor pieces.

All Lugh armor piece locations

Lugh’s helmet

The first location you can visit on the River Berbha, Port Lairge, will contain Lugh’s helmet. You can find this settlement on the western portion of the river. It’s not too heavily guarded, and it’s a good way to prepare for the rest of the river.

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Lugh’s disguise

You can find Lugh’s disguise inside of the Berbha Fortification settlement on the River Berbha. It’s on the eastern portion of the river. Unlike the previous location, it’s heavily guarded, and you can expect quite a bit of resistance from those there. Make sure to bring plenty of rations for yourself and your allies.

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Lugh’s greaves

One of the first locations you can visit on the River Erriff, Aasleagh Fort, you can find Lugh’s greaves. Because it’s one of the starting locations on the river, it’s not too heavily guarded.

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Lugh’s chest piece

You can find Lugh’s chest piece on the eastern side of the River Erriff, inside Derryulra. It’s one of the larger locations on the river, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. The chest piece will be inside one of the chests in the inner defenses.

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Lugh’s bracers

The final armor piece you can find deep in the River Erriff are Lugh’s bracers. You can find them at Killary Camp. The location will be of similar size to Derryulra.

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Once you have all five pieces of Lugh’s armor, you’ll receive the passive bonus for wearing them. The bonus increases your melee damage and melee resistance while surrounded by more than three enemies.