Where to find all snowmen in GTA V Online

Demolish Festive Surprise’s collectibles for a new suit and a big cash reward.

Image via Rockstar Games

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With the holiday season in full swing, Grand Theft Auto Online is celebrating the winter period with its Festive Surprise event. Aside from new modes and one scrooge of an NPC, the title has also dropped more than two dozen snowmen into Los Santos for players to find and destroy. Although they are spread throughout the map, those able to blow them all down will earn the exclusive Snowman Outfit and an array of other goodies. Here’s where to find all snowmen in GTA V Online and everything you will earn by completing the task.

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All snowman locations in GTA V Online

As revealed by the map tracking site GTAWeb, there are 25 snowmen planted across the map. However, this means players will have to travel all the way from downtown Los Santos to even the northern parts of Blaine County. Destroying each snowman gifts small amounts of cash and RP, though completing the challenge in its entirety will give you the limited-time Snowman Outfit and a cool $125,000 bonus.

Image via GTAWeb

Of course, it is highly recommended that you bring a ride while taking down these collectibles, especially as the challenges require traveling through the busy streets of downtown Los Santos. As shown below, snowmen rest in ten different districts in the city, ranging from Mirror Pack and Vespucci Canals to the steep Rockford Hills. At every district you head to, you can discover these friendly sculptures either hiding within parks or in the front yard of homes.

Image via GTAWeb

More importantly, every snowman can be destroyed in any way imaginable, whether it’s by explosives or just by running them over with your car. Your progress and their locations will also remain permanent throughout Festive Surprise, so you won’t ever need to visit the same area twice. Once you have finally finished the task and netted thousands of GTA$, it may be worth putting that hard-earned cash toward one of the game’s priciest planes or motorcycles.