How to get the Full Refund Achievement in GTA Online

It’s muggin’ time in Los Santos

Image via Rockstar Games

One of the notable features of GTA Online is the ability to call a mugger and send them to steal the valuables of another player. As such, you can be mugged at any time without knowing at all. Fortunately, there is a way to get your money back and by doing this you will also get an achievement. This is the ‘Full Refund’ achievement in GTA Online and the goal is to ‘kill the mugger that robbed you’. Here, is a guide to getting this achievement.

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Full Refund Achievement Guide in GTA Online

To get the ‘Full Refund’ trophy you need to take out the mugger that has robbed you. The point to be noted is that the mugger has to be killed after they have robbed you. If you detect them before they rob you, then this trophy will not pop up.

The mugger will be in disguise or try to blend with other NPCs. At any moment, they can steal your money or the vehicle you are driving. When that happens you will have a short time to kill them. This is generally easy as the mugger is slow and can be taken down quickly. But, if they steal your vehicle, then it becomes nearly impossible to catch up to them or kill them. After killing them then the ‘Full Refund’ trophy will pop up on your screen.

If the mugger runs away, they will turn into a regular NPC, and if you then spot and kill them, the achievement will not pop up. The easiest way to get this achievement is to have a Level 50 player, who is a friend or crew member, call a mugger on you. Then, when you get mugged, you can kill the mugger to get this achievement.