Where to find all the Flower Shrines in the Forgotten Forest in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

There are a total of three Flower Shrines in the Forgotten Forest. Find out where they are.


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Flower Shrines are one of the collectibles you can discover in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. These shrines give you a bunch of currency when you free them of the corruption. There are three Flower Shrines to find throughout the Forgotten Forest. Here are their locations.

God Tree Shrine

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After clearing the corruption from the God Tree Shrine, use the flower above and to the right to reach the upper platform. Look around the platform for a Forest Tear in a bucket. Have the Rot Spirits dump the Forest Tear onto the lower platform and carry it over to the lift. There is a blossom next to the lift to place the tear on. After that, shoot the button for the lift and immediately use the Forest Tear. Bring the Rot Spirits onto the lift before it goes down. When the lift hits the bottom, the corrupted Flower Shrine will be behind you.

Water Shrine

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After clearing out the Water Shrine, a Forest tear will appear. Use this Forest Tear to allow the Rot Spirits to destroy the nearby corruption by the stairs. This will free a stone square. Have the Rot Spirits lift the stone square and carry it over to the wall with the drawings on it. Jump up the wall and have the Rot Spirits move the wooden wall out of the way. Reactivate the Forest Tear one last time to bring the Rot Spirits up the ramp you just unlocked and across the log. The Flower Shrine will be waiting on the other side.

After the Mage boss fight

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After the Mage boss fight, continue through the archway and up the cliffs. Keep following the path until you reach the Forest Tear. After unlocking the first Forest Tear, use it to clear the corruption in the area. Keep following the corruption and clearing it as you go. After the corruption is cleared from this area, you will notice a cave that has some corruption still lingering about. Clear it out and head inside to find the last Flower Shrine.