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Where to find all weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon

Who will you date first?

We know you’re looking for someone specific in Boyfriend Dungeon, and we’re here to help you find them. While most are pretty straightforward, there are some hiding from sight. From the clumsy student to a K-Pop star, to a cat, this is how to find all the weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon.

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Isaac (Estoc)

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The rich businessman with a rapier alterego is one of the first weapons you meet in Boyfriend Dungeon. Your cousin Jesse introduces him to you and trains you for the dunj. Despite what Jesse says, you can date him.

Pocket (Brass Knuckles)

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The cat with a lot of attitude Pocket is one of the strongest weapons in the game. You’ll meet Pocket in the first few floors of the second dunj under La Rosa. You as the wielder can use its powerful brass knuckles that can pummel surrounding enemies with a quick round of scratches.

Rowan (Scythe)

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This outsider Rowan is a lot harder to find than the other weapons. Before going to the first dunj location in the mall a few hours into the game, go north of the city and you’ll find a mansion. Interact with it to find Rowan hostile towards you. A few days later, you’ll see a note getting slipped under the door of your apartment. Like trying to read a Captcha puzzle to confirm your identity online, try to decipher the numbers on the note to get the right contact details. When you figure it out, Rowan will be on the other line of the phone call.

Sawyer (Glaive)

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The 20-year-old Verona College student who’s barely able to cook Sawyer can be found at the end of the Verona Mall dunj after you beat the game’s first major boss. They are adorable, friendly, and loves sweet things. They’re also a strong weapon in the game like Pocket as they have multiple tools under their belt.

Seven (Lasersaber)

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A member of the world’s biggest K-Pop band Seven can be found within the Verona Mall dunj. He is on floor 9. He’s a reserved soul who struggles with the fame and the screaming fans. In battle, he unleashes lightning damage to your foes, making him a desired weapon in the dunj.

Sunder (Talwar)

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This bad boy Sunder is around the first floor of the Verona Mall dunj. He may be a bit forward but he knows how to keep his distance when need be. He prefers alcohol as a gift, so keep that in mind if you want to attract his affection. Your cousin might not approve though.

Valeria (Dagger)

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The painter Valeria is located within the first five floors of the Verona Mall dunj. At first, she’ll be cautious with you and you won’t unlock her right away. Later, she texts you and asks if you can meet her in the park. Go to the park and after talking with Valeria for a bit, she allows you to wield her.

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