Where to find Almasty Fur in Final Fantasy XIV

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The resources you find while exploring Final Fantasy XIV are incredibly useful to level up your Disciple of Hand profession or make some Gil on the marketboard. You’ll be able to do this with Almasty Fur, a resource you can find in the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker regions, so long as you have the campaign, and you’ve been progressing through the Main Scenario Quests. Where do you need to go to find Almasty Fur in Final Fantasy XIV?

There are a handful of ways to obtain Almasty Fur. A good way to do it in the wild is to find the Almasty Yetis, which appear in the Garlemald region. There’s a reliable spawn that appears around coordinates (X:31.1, Y:29.4). However, the drop rate is guaranteed after hunting them down.

The other alternative is to obtain Almasty Fur from the Gemstone Trader in Garlemald. You can find them at coordinates (X:12.9, Y:30.1), in Camp Broken Glass. When you speak with the Trader, they can offer you a single resource of fur for two Bicolor Gemstones. You can earn these Bicolor Gemstones by completing the FATEs throughout the Endwalker region, and you can bounce around the other locations in Endwalker to obtain the gemstones.

The final option available to you is to buy it off the marketboard for Gil. The price will vary depending on your server and the demand for the product.