Where to find and catch Salmon in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

They swim up stream.

There are animals all over England in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla that you can hunt and bring back to your settlement. There are hunter and fishing challenges that you can complete and receive rewards for your efforts. These animals will only appear in specific locations, and if you’re looking for salmon, you’ll need to adventure in specific locations inland.

Before you try looking for fish, making sure you’ve unlocked the fishing hut in your village to acquire the fishing line.

Where to find salmon

Salmon prefer to swim through the rivers and streams of a settlement. You’ll only be able to find them in rivers in these regions.

  • Eurvicscire
  • Lincolnscire
  • Snotinghamscire

These locations are all at the northern part of the map, closest to the top of England. Of the three, you’ll likely be able to investigate Snotinghamscire and Lincolnscire before you’re able to explore Eurvicscire, which is a skill level 190 location. The other areas are 130 and 160, respectively, so if you need salmon, heading straight to the Snotinghamscire region.

You’ll want to seek out the small streams and rivers running throughout the landscape in each region.

For Snotinghamscire, try out the waterways by Hemthorpe. You can reach it by taking The Sleeping Jotun or the one to the northwest of Ulkerthorpe Fort. If you prefer to venture into Lincolnscire, there are several smaller bodies of water and one large waterway to the west of the region. You can reach them by taking the Lacestone, the one south of Grimsby, or the fast travel point in Lincoln.

Finally, if you go through Eurvicscire, there’s a fast travel point to the west of Jor River at the Olikana Tower and one in Jorvik. Any of the waterways there will do.

So long as you throw your lure into the water in these regions, you’re bound to find a salmon lurking in the waters.