Where to find Beast Blood in Elden Ring – and what it does

Fight some of the game’s more vicious animals for the material.

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There are dozens of items players can pillage from animals in Elden Ring, and Beast Blood should be one of the most sought after. The crafting material can be challenging to come by, but it helps create two unique pots that help initiate and end battles. Here’s where to find Beast Blood and how you should utilize it.

Beast Blood is primarily discovered through collecting drops from carnivorous beasts, such as dogs, bears, wolves, and boars. From our experience, we’ve found that bears hold the highest chances of carrying the crafting material, but it is not guaranteed. Most of these beasts spawn in the forest that circles Mistwood Ruin in Limgrave, though, you can also discover dogs and wolves in enemy outposts around Stormhill.

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The crafting material is a part of Beastlure Pot and Cursed-Blood Pot’s item recipes. As the name suggests, the Beastlure Pot can be set down to attract creatures to a given location and is crafted with one Beast Blood and two Hefty Beast Bones. Though, the Cursed-Blood Pot is a much more intriguing item, as it can be thrown at enemies to have your spirits specifically target them. The Curse-Blood Pot can be made with two Mushrooms, one Bloodrose, and one Beast Blood.

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