Where to find Berkanan Sap in Final Fantasy XIV

A useful mixture for alchemists.

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The resources and items you find in Final Fantasy XIV will be scattered all over the various regions you explore as you progress through the game. The more locations you visit and explore, the more resources available to you for your crafting professions. In this guide, we’re going to detail where you need to go to find Berkanan Sap in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion.

There are a handful of ways you can obtain Berkanan Sap in Endwalker. The first is by purchasing it from the Gemstone Trader in Labyrinthos, in the Northern Empty region. Next, you’ll need to travel to The Archeion to coordinates (X:29.9, Y:13.0). The Gemstone merchant will offer to trade two Bicolor Gemstones for every Berkanan Sap you want. You can earn Bicolor Gemstones by completing the FATEs located throughout Endwalker. You’ll have a better chance of earning these gemstones if you work together with other players, especially if you travel together in large packs.

You can also acquire Berkanan Sap as a reward for completing Leve quests, specifically, Technically Still Magic and Mindful. Both are level 88, and you can receive them in Old Sharlayan from Ahldiyrn, at coordinates (X:12.3, Y:13.4). Both of these methods are reliable ways to obtain the reagent.