Where to Find Blipbug in Pokémon Sword and Shield


Blipbug starts as purely a Bug-type Pokémon, but it eventually becomes a Bug and Psychic-type when it enters its second and final evolution in Pokémon Sword and Shield. You only have to wait until level 10 for its second evolution, but then it becomes Orbeetle at level 30.

You can find Blipbug in several locations throughout the Galar region. You may have first found it in the Slumberwing Weald when you have to rescue the lost Wooloo. You might find it wandering around the Giant’s Cap overworld during normal weather, and in the Route 2 high-level area.

After that, you have to have a bit more luck on your side because you can still find Blipbug on Route 2 and Route 1, but it spawns as an exclamation point. You have to rush up to it to discover what Pokémon it is, so you may find something you don’t want to encounter. You’ll have to do this a few times. If you stick to Route 2, you should meet one eventually.

Blipbug’s evolutions, Dottler and Orbeetle, have spawned, too.

For Dottler:

  • Giant’s Cap during all forms of weather in the overworld
  • Route 5 during all types of weather, not in the overworld
  • Stony Wilderness during heavy fog, not in the overworld
  • Giant’s Mirror during normal, overcast, raining, and sandstorm weather, not in the overworld
  • Giant’s Cap during all forms of weather, not in the overworld. You have the best chances of finding it during normal, overcast, and heavy fog.

For Orbeetle:

  • Slumbering Weald in the high-level area during all weather conditions, in the overworld
  • Lake of Outrage during normal weather, not in the overworld

You don’t have the best chances to encounter Blipbug’s evolutions. Dottler’s Giant’s Cap spawn is pretty decent, so if you can’t find a Blipbug early, you may want to grab this one and then breed it to acquire Blipbug for your Pokédex.

Blipbug does have a two-star Max Raid den you can find in the Wild Area, but you might have a better chance through the Pokémon’s traditional spawns.