Where to find Bouncy Eggs in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Consume the forgeable for low-gravity movement and no fall damage.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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It is finally that time of year where Fortnite begins to deliver Easter-themed items around its map. For Chapter 3 Season 2, players can now find the Bouncy Egg consumables and the powerful Egg Launcher. The Bouncy Eggs are exactly as advertised, allowing collectors to eat it for low gravity movement and gain minor shield. Although, you won’t run into this consumable by opening chests or Supply Drops.

Bouncy Eggs basically spawn in areas that have been previously known to sprout up other forgeables, such as Shield Mushrooms. Thus, you can discover them mainly in the grassy regions of the map. This includes in the forests south of Titled Towers, Camp Cuddle, and Greasy Grove. Additionally, players on the east side of the map can find them east of The Joneses (as marked below).

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Bouncy Egg’s low-gravity abilities ultimately allow you to jump at greater distances, but can also make it tough for enemies to shoot at you. As this slows your descent onto the ground, those actively using its powers won’t take any fall damage — no matter how far the fall is. Additionally, each egg eaten will grant you five additional shield. It isn’t understood how long this consumable will stay in Chapter 3 Season 2, but it is bound to be vaulted shortly after Easter weekend.

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