Where to find Briar Branches in New World

Don’t cut your finger on a thorn.

Briar Branches are the quest item you will be looking for in New World during A Prickly Request. Once you’ve finished the quest, you won’t be able to obtain them anymore. If you’re looking to hunt them down, there are a handful of locations you can find them.

The way to harvest and find Briar Branches is to locate a Briar Bush. These typically spawn next to bodies of water, and they look like large thorn bushes that if you were to walk through them, they’d cut you up and fill you with thorns.

Screenshot by Gamepur

We recommend looking for these branches next to any fresh body of water, so lakes and streams in New World are your best bet. Once A Prickly Request is complete, you won’t be able to find the item Briar Branches anymore, but you can find Briar Buds, Thorny Vines, and Firefly Bait from them for the rest of the game. We highly recommend looking for Firefly Bait in these bushes. They’re an exceptional type of bait to use at Fishing Hotspots to capture some of the best freshwater fish in New World.

The Briar Branches appear throughout New World, so don’t dismiss them, even if you’ve reached a higher level. The Briar Buds are a valuable resource to take back to a settlement to use in alchemical recipes.