Where to find Chalcedony Bone and Chalcedony Greatbone in Monster Hunter Rise

Powerful monster bones for your hunter.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll need to go out of your way to find some of the better resources in Monster Hunter Rise to add to your inventory. These resources are what you’re going to be using to craft your weapons and gear to boost your character’s performance and defeat even more powerful monsters. Some powerful bones players will want to locate will be Chalcedony Bone and Calcedony Greatbone. We’ve discovered these bones drop in the same location, in the Lava Caverns region.

The Chalcedony Bone and Chalcedony Greatbone will drop off of Monster Fossil sites in the Lava Caverns. These look slightly the same as the bone piles. They stand out because they have a distinctly green glow to them. There are far fewer locations for them in the Lava Caverns, so you’ll have to wander around and wait for these spawns to restart. It only takes a few minutes.

Here are all of the Monster Fossil sites in the Lava Caverns’ upper area.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here are all of the Monster Fossil sites in the Lava Cavern’s lower area.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The upper and lower areas both have a decent amount of spawn locations for you to farm. The lower area is slightly more clustered, making it easy to grab these bones all at once. Because there are not too many Monster Fossil locations, we highly recommend grabbing these while you’re hunting another monster. It gives these spawn locations time to recharge so you can grab them again.