Where to Find Challenging Vex in Destiny 2


There are a lot of new activities and events to do in Destiny 2 with the new Season of Dawn update. Many of them revolve around Osiris and his Sundial on Mercury. A particular quest many Guardians will have to deal with is An Impossible Task, and a step in it is to take down challenging Vex during the Big Vex Hunting stage.

For those wondering where to find the best location to fight challenging Vex, you want to travel to Nessus. There’s a lost sector in the Artifact’s Edge location called The Orrery. You can find it off to the left of when you fast travel to Artifact’s edge, jump down and run over to a small cave.

Where to Find the Orrery Lost Sector

Rush inside, and you’ll find plenty of Vex to take care of and clean up the quest. There are a handful of Harpies inside, roughly two to three, you can kill to retrieve their cores. Some of the minions also drop another crucial piece of the Radiolarian Fluid, which you will also need. You can take out the bosses here, rush out, and then rinse and repeat.

You don’t need to have a friend come with you, but the more Guardians you have working together, the faster you clear the lost sector.