Where to find Dynamis Crystals in Final Fantasy XIV

Find the crystals and level up your Disciple of Hand Job.

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Dynamis Crystals are one of the many resources you’re going to be hunting down in Final Fantasy XIV. You can use them to level up your Disciple of Hand profession, or you might find them while exploring the Endwalker expansion. But you can only find them in specific locations. In this guide, we’re going to detail where you can find Dynamis Crystals in Final Fantasy XIV.

There are several ways you can go about obtaining Dynamis Crystals. A solid method to obtain them is to loot Dynamis Crystals off of Stellar Shelled Dragons. These creatures spawn in the Ultima Thule region, and there’s a reliable spawn at coordinates (X:7.2, Y:21.). While the spawn is reliable, you won’t find yourself looting high-quality versions of the resource. Instead, there’s a chance for one of the Stellar Shelled Dragons to drop two of them, rather than one.

The other alternative is to speak with the Gemstone Trader at Base Omicron. You can find the Gemstone Trader at coordinates (X:30.9, Y:28.0). They’re going to offer your a Dynamis Crystal for two Bicolor Gemstones. You can earn Bicolor Gemstones by completing the many FATEs that appear throughout the Endwalker regions. We highly recommend going through this content with a large group to quickly finish them and proceed to the next one.

The final choice you have is to purchase them directly from your server’s marketboard. The price of the resource will vary depending on the overall demand from other players.