Where to find Earth Motes in New World

Improve your magical talents.

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Earth motes are a vital resource for you to find in New World, especially if you’re looking to branch out and improve your crafting prowess in the Arcana tree. Similar to the many other elemental motes in New World, you can find them all over the game in specific regions. You’ll be able to receive them from three types of resources: Earth turtles, Earthspines, and Earthcrag. Depending on how much you’ve leveled a particular skill, you may want to hunt for a specific resource over the other.

This guide breaks down all of the locations you can find these resources in New World, giving you the best chance to farm earth motes to level up your Arcana skill.

Earth turtle locations

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The Earth turtles are scattered all over the New World, closer outside sections of the game. When you find these creatures, you’re going to need a Harvest Sickle to acquire them.

Earthspine locations

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The Earthspine locations are a plant, and you can find them in many early starting areas. You can commonly find it in Monarch’s Bluffs, Everfall, Windsward, and Weaver’s Fen. In addition, there are a handful of nodes that you can harvest in Cutlass Keys and First Light.

Earthcrag locations

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Earthcrag is a mining resource that you need to reach level 100 to harvest. It’s in the northwest portion of the map, so you can expect to harvest it more when you reach the middle of the game. You can find it in the Restless Shores, Mourning dale, Weaver’s Fen, Edengrove, and Great Cleave.