Where to find Entropic Shards on Europa in Destiny 2

Shards for days.

Destiny 2

The Entropic Shards are a part of quest step for those looking to complete the Aspect of Control quest in Destiny 2. You’ll receive this quest after completing the Beyond Light expansion campaign, and after you finish up the Born in Darkness quest from the Exo Stranger. These shards are hidden in distinct locations on Europa, so finding them takes a bit of effort.

It’s important to know that you won’t be able to damage them until you’ve completed The Drifter’s quest The Stasis Prototype. You can receive this quest by visiting The Drifter on the tower in his usual spot, after the Beyond Light campaign has wrapped up.

Entropic Shard locations on Europa

These are five Entropic Shard locations on Europa. There are others, but these will assist in you completing the Aspect of Control quest.

Cadmus Ridge Entropic Shard location

You can find this Entropic Shard right before you enter Bray Exoscience wreckage.

Concealed Void lost sector Entropic Shard location

This Entropic Shard is right at the end of the lost sector, where you fight the boss. Look at the top of the room.

Asterion Abyss Entropic Shard location

You can find at the top of the pillars at the center of this area. Make your way up there, and you should be able to find it at the top.

Riis Reborn Approach Entropic Shard location

This Entropic Shard is hidden behind some crates in the Riis Reborn Approach. When you enter the area before going to the left, where the large pyramid is, go to the right. There should be a passage away, potentially sealed, that you can unlock. Go up the elevator, and to then underneath the stairs, you can find a shard.

Technocrats Iron Entropic Shard location

This one is deep at the very top of the map, so you’ll need to make your way to it after grabbing the previous shard from Riis Reborn Approach. It’s a good idea to grab the one in Riis Reborn Approach and then go for this one. It’ll be in the boss room for the campaign, with the large mech. You can see it floating in the air on the right side of the room.