Where to find fae iron in New World

Where can you find it?

Image via Amazon Game Studios

There are several resources you will be hunting down in New World to improve your weapons, tools, armor, and improving your township to expand your faction’s wealth. One of the more significant resources you’ll want to use to craft higher quality gear is fae iron. This guide will detail the best way to find fae iron in New World and what you need to acquire it often.

Fae iron has the chance to appear on iron veins when you’re harvesting those. However, this resource is pretty rare. The best way to improve your chances of locating it is to use Mining Luck gear or have food that improves Mining Luck. An excellent way to increase your Mining Luck skill is to add a Starmetal Miner’s Charm to your pickaxe. You can also add a Chunk of Cobalt on an Amulet, or you can weave a Shard of Adderstone into any apparel piece you make to receive Reinforced Mining Luck.

Because finding fae iron entirely relies on your character’s Mining Luck, it can be challenging to obtain this item. We highly recommend finding a small spawn of Iron Veins in an area next to a settlement and farming those. You want to wear as many pieces of gear that improve your character’s Mining Luck as possible to make it easier, but it’s all based on random chance.