Where to find Gaja leather in Final Fantasy XIV

Where do you need to go?

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You’ll be hunting down multiple resources in Final Fantasy XIV to sell on the marketboard or use your Disciple of Hand character to level them up. For those checking out the Endwalker expansion, there are several resources and crafting recipes that you can find during your travels. Gaja Leather is one of them. Here’s where you can go to find Gaja Leather in Final Fantasy XIV.

There are several ways you can earn Gaja Leather. First, you can find it in the wild by eliminating the large Gaja elephants. They appear on the road from Yedlihmad to The Great Work, at the center of Saltwind’s Welcome at coordinates (X:19.0, Y:30.1). These are level 80 creatures, so you can take them out if you’ve reached this point in the Endwalker campaign.

A straightforward method is to speak with the Gemstone Trader in Yedlihmad, in Thavnair. You can find them at coordinates (X:25.8, Y:34.6). You can choose to exchange your Bicolor Crystals for Gaja Hide. You can earn Bicolor Crystals by completing FATEs in the Endwalker regions, acquiring materials this way if you don’t want to hunt down the Gaja.

Of the two, the Gemstone Trader likely offers the most reliable way to obtain Gaja Leather. You can also purchase it on the marketboard, but the price will vary depending on your server’s demand.