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How to find GPS locators in Sons of the Forest

Time for some exploring.

In Sons of the Forest, your time is mostly spent gathering resources such as food, weapons, and other essential items. While exploring, you will also find hidden spots you’ll want to visit again. As you can forget about the exact location of the spot, you need to use a GPS locator to mark it on the map. In this guide, we are going to discuss where to find GPS locators in Sons of the Forest.

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Where to find all GPS locators in Sons of the Forest

The first GPS locator can be found on a dead body that is not far from the snowy mountain. You must make your way to the location in the image below. You’ll see a dead body hanging from a rope when you get there. You need to first go up and cut the rope by using your knife. Then, when the body drops, you can pick up the GPS locator from it.

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For the second GPS locator, you need to go to the western side of the map and locate a small orange floating raft in the ocean. You need to swim to it, but make sure your health bar is full, as there will be sharks in the water. Once you reach the raft, you’ll find the GPS locator on the corpse. Make sure you also pick up the pistol from the raft.

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As for the third and final GPS locator in Sons of the Forest, you need to head southeast. There, you will come across a grave with a cross sign on it. You can dig the grave using the Shovel to pick up the GPS locator from inside it. The shotgun is also inside this grave.

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Once you have managed to find all three GPS locators, you can place them anywhere you like on the map. You must first put a stick into the ground and place it at its top. If you wish to remove and place it somewhere else, just get near the stick and press the ‘C’ key.

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