Where to find Hannish Staples in Final Fantasy XIV

Track down this item easily.

Thavnair at night

Screenshot by Gamepur

Hannish Staples are an item required for Studium Deliveries, a group of side-quests that tell a story and grant a huge amount of experience points and White Scrip. While the quest does tell you where to go to find these collectables, the quest doesn’t specifically mark it on your map. Here is how to find Hannish Staples in Final Fantasy XIV.

The quest that requires Hannish Staples, Cooking Up a Culture, asks you to find six Hannish Staples to turn in. The quest mentions that you can find these items at The Hamsa Hatchery in Thavnair, but does not mark the location for you on your Quest map. The actual location of the items are the gathering nodes southwest of the Hamsa Hatchery, indicated here:

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can access the exact location of the things you wish to gather by heading to your Gathering Log. This can be found by clicking Logs > Gathering Log in your main menu. From here, you can search the item you are looking for by level, or by typing the name into the search box. When you find it, simply click on the item name to have it bring up a map for you. This also works for Botanist and Fishing, not just Mining items.