Where to find light pearls in Monster Hunter: World’s Sizzling Spice Summer Event

A unique layered armor piece awaits you.


The Sizzling Spice Summer Event is live in Monster Hunter: World. Players participating in the seasonal event can do exclusive quests to obtain some unique armor to add to their collection to wear all year-round. One of the quests available for the event is to fetch light pearls, and you need to obtain eight of them. You can find them in the Coral Highlands.

The light pearls are in specific locations in the Coral Highlands. The first location is outside a Tzitzi-Ya-Ku den in zone 7. The second is in zone 6, and you need to go underground and look next to a waterfall. The final location is in zone 11. You’re not looking for the pearls, but the oysters that contain the pearls.

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You can do this with additional party members, which does shorten the entire process. The more players you have helping you, the more pearls you receive per oyster, but even when you do this by yourself, it’s a reasonably quick quest.

After you finish it, you can return to the smith to craft your new Faux Kelbi Layered Head. You will need a Prized Pelt to make it, a master-rank item you can get by having access to the Iceborne expansion.