Where to find Minerva in Fallout 76

Minerva wants to give you the best deal she can.

Image via Bethesda

Minerva is a Gold Bullion vendor that was added to Fallout 76 for the Steel Reign update. She’s going to be available for players to use to exchange their Gold Bullion for exclusive plans and recipes you may want to grab to create for yourself. These items rotate out, much as she does. She’s a vendor who operates on a rotation, so if you don’t find her in one location, chances are she’s one of the two others.

Minerva can appear during two events: Minerva’s Emporium and Minerva’s Big sale. Minerva’s Emporium goes from Monday to Wednesday. Minerva’s Big Sale is a discount event that runs from Thursday to Monday, which feature a 25% discount for her items. While these events are active, Minerva has the chance to appear in one of three settlement locations in the game.

  • Fort Atlas
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Foundation
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • The Crater
Screenshot by Gamepur

You can visit any of these three locations to find Minerva potentially. Similar to the other vendors, she rotates these locations based on the server you join. So if you don’t find her one of these locations on a server, she has a chance to appear somewhere else when you swap out.

Despite being a Gold Bullion vendor, Minerva’s inventory will rotate out similar to other vendors in Fallout 76. Your best chance at the best deals will be during Minerva’s Big Sale from Thursday to Monday.