World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Mortanis boss guide – location, loot, and combat tips

Force the necromancer to bow to your group

Image via Blizzard

Mortanis has appeared in Shadowlands. A necromancer from the House of Rituals, he is one of the four World Bosses who will spawn in World of Warcraft’s newest expansion. We’re here to help you find him, beat him, and determine what kind of loot you could get from his body.

Where to find Mortanis

Mortanis will spawn inside the House of the Chosen. You’ll need to do some travel on the ground to get there, as the closest flight path location is the Spearhead, west of the Theater of Pain. From there, head due southwest, into the House of the Chosen.

How to beat Mortanis

Mortanis will appear once all of his fellow necromancers have been killed. Everyone in your group, regardless of role, should dodge out of the way when he uses Spine Crawl and Unruly Remains. If you get afflicted with Screaming Skull, get together with everyone, because the damage will split evenly among the entire group, weakening the blow for a bigger group. All tank members in the group should absorb the damage for Bone Cleave, which splits the damage just like the Screaming Skull affliction. When he is weak enough, watch out for Lord of the Fallen, which increases the frequency for his damage spells while he’s still alive.

What loot you can get from Mortanis

Mortanis will give you loot at item level 207. This falls between the levels you would expect from the Castle Nathria raid at normal and heroic.


Spine Crawler WaistcordCloth Waist
Bone-Cleated FootpadsLeather Boots
Bone Crushing VicegripsMail Gloves
Mortanis’s RibcageMail Chest
Shoulderblade VambracesPlate Wrist
Band of the Risen BonelordRing

Legendary Memories

Memory of a KeeferWindwalker Monk
Memory of a Guile CharmOutlaw Rogue
Memory of FujiedaFury Warrior

Mortanis and all world bosses will also drop Covenant Ability Conduits.