Where to find Mountain Groves in Minecraft

They stick out.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Grove Biomes are one of the multiple new biomes added to Minecraft in the Caves and Cliffs Update Part 2. These new mountain add-ons will help you go from the bottom slopes of a mountain to whatever waits for you up top. If you are fascinated with these snowy hills, here are some tips for finding Grove Biomes in Minecraft.

To find a Grove Biome in Minecraft, you will first want to find some mountainous areas. If you are in Survival, this may be a little annoying because you will have to do a lot of climbing to get to the top and look at the area around you. Grove Biomes are actually towards the bottom of mountains, though. It will only appear between a mountain and a Dark Forest or Taiga Biome. It can be seen as kind of a conversion point between the two.

To know you have found a Grove Biome, you will be in an area filled with snow and Spruce Trees. The tree coverage in this area will be very dense, and Powder Snow blocks are plentiful in the area, making traversal more of a chore. Be sure to wear Leather Boots to avoid falling in the Powder Snow. Also, be sure to be on the lookout for Pillager Outposts because they have a chance to spawn in these areas. Foxes, rabbits, and wolves can spawn in Grove Biomes. Goats, pigs, and cows can not.