Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 11 epic quests and map challenges

Even more challenges.


The Fortnite Week 11 Chapter 2 Season 5 challenges have been revealed, thanks to some sneaky data mining by iFiremonkey. As always, there is a whole lot of XP up for grabs if you need to level up your Battle Pass to get all those lovely items and skins.

There are 7 Epic Quests, worth 20000 XP each for a total of 140000 XP. After that is a five-stage Legendary Quest where the first stage is worth 55000XP and the four following stages are worth 22000XP each. This means a total of 283000 XP is up for grabs this week, which is a substantial boost to your Battle Pass.

These challenges are much more fun and interesting than the Week 10 challenges, which is great news. Lots of weird stuff in here that we will only be able to talk about when they go live in the game.

As always, we will have lots of helpful guides, so be sure to check back with us for the easiest and quickest ways to finish up all these challenges.