Where to find Rake Rock Point in Grounded, and how to complete the marker

It is quite the landmark.


BURG.L, the robot friend that you discover in the Oak Tree Lab in Grounded will offer you some tasks to complete after you find him. Finishing, these tasks will earn you Raw Science that you can use to purchase new recipes from him to make better bases and items. Sometimes these missions will be to place markers in certain parts of the map.

Where is Rake Rock Point?

Rake Rock Point

You can find Rake Rock Point to the southwest of the Mysterious Machine. It is quite easy to spot in the game when you get close, as the rake is lying against a massive rock.

This area of the game is reasonably safe. You do have a few Bombardiers in the area, but not Spiders, thankfully. There are also lots of smaller bugs, but you should be fine as long as you don’t get swarmed by too many of them at once.

How to find the marker

The marker is actually quite easy to find once you know how to get to Rake Rock Point, and it will appear as a small ghostly icon at the very top of the massive rock, right beside the rake. To complete the task, you need to build a trail marker that will require the following resources:

  • Clover Leaf x 1
  • Plant Fiber x 2
  • Sprig x 2

All you need to do is build the marker, then place it in the right spot, and BURG.L task will be complete, netting you some sweet Raw Science.