Where to find Sacks of Nuts in Final Fantasy XIV

Hunt down dangerous enemies in Endwalker.

Screenshot via Square Enix YouTube

You’ll be hunting down multiple resources and items throughout your time in Final Fantasy XIV. You’ll need these items to exchange with vendors for their exclusive items, or you might want to sell specific items and resources to find players who are also on the hunt for them. If you’re looking for Sacks of Nuts, you have to go after specific creatures for these items to drop. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Sacks of Nuts in Final Fantasy XIV.

You’ll be able to find Sacks of Nuts in the Endwalker region of Final Fantasy XIV. First, you’ll need to make sure you’ve purchased the Endwalker expansion, and you’ve made your way over to the regions released with update 6.0. After that, you should be able to accept the first quest that unlocks them, called The Hunt for Specimens, so long as you have a character who has one Job at level 80. After that, you can speak with the Diminutive Gleaner in Old Sharlayan at coordinates X:11.2, Y:12.0.

Before searching for this quest, you need to make sure you’ve completed the Elite and Dangerous quest and you’ve reached a specific point in the Main Scenario of Final Fantasy XIV. You’ll need to work your way through The Hunt quests, which became available in A Realm Reborn.

After you’ve done all that, Sacks of Nuts should be available to you. These items drop off regular and elite marks that appear in the Endwalker regions, such as the Labrinthos, Thavnair, Garlemald, Mare Lamentorum, and several others.

You’ll be able to complete regular Mark Bills once a day and elite Mark Bills once a week.