Where to find Saiga Hide in Final Fantasy XIV

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The more resources you add to your inventory, the more crafting professions you can level up in Final Fantasy XIV. With the addition of Endwalker, there are numerous areas for you to explore with multiple resource nodes and creatures to hunt down within them. In this guide, we’re going to share with you how you can find Saiga Hide in Final Fantasy XIV. You will need to have the Endwalker expansion to find it.

There are several ways you can obtain Saiga Hide during your adventure. The most straightforward method to seek out Saiga in the Garlemald region of Endwalker. You’ll unlock this region as you progress through the story and gain access to various locations. You can typically find Saiga just south of Tertium in Garlemald, around coordinates (X:31.5, Y:19.8).

You can also earn it from the Gemstone Trader in Garlemald. You can find them at Camp Broken Glass at coordinates (X:12.9, Y:30.1). Speak with them, and they’ll be willing to offer you Saiga Hide in exchange for two Bicolor Gemstones. You can find the Bicolor Gemstones by completing FATEs throughout the Endwalker regions. The more FATEs you meet, the more Bicolor Crystals you’ll have on hand to offer the trader. It also helps to roam around these areas with players, wrapping them up together,

The final way to earn Saiga Hide is from Leve Quests that you receive from Ahldiyrn in Old Sharlayan. You can find Ahldiyrn at coordinates (X:12.3, Y:13.4). You want to grab the Battered Books Leve quest, and there’s a chance you can earn some this way, but you’ll need to have Saiga Hide turn into Saiga Leather to complete the quest.