Where to find silver in New World

Silver can be mined as ores from silver veins.

Screenshot via Gamepur

Silver is an important resource that will be required throughout your journey in New World. From crafting armors to making weapons, silver is used everywhere. Although commonly used, players who are new to the game might struggle with finding silver. Here are the best locations in New World, where players will be able to find silver.

Where to find silver veins

In New World, silver can be mined as ores from silver veins. Once you locate a silver vein, interact with it, and you’ll be able to harvest the resource using a pickaxe.

Players can generally find silver veins in caves, mines, or rocky terrains. There is no clear best location to farm silver, but the Windsward region is preferred by many players, as it is a high terrain area rich in silver veins.

Other good destinations for silver veins include First Light, Everfall, and Monarch’s Bluff. The best location for farming is also dependent on where you are situated on the map. That said, players can track where silver veins have spawned on Aeternum by simply looking on the map. However, this can only be done when players reach level 35 in the game. Furthermore, players can only start harvesting silver after they hit level 10.