Where to find Soul Motes in New World

Crafting essence.

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Soul Motes are an important crafting essence in New World. Players will need them to refine assorted resources such as Amethysts and Opals. There are a number of different ways to get Soul Motes at different points in the game.

In this guide, we will run through all the different ways to get your hands on Soul Motes so that you can maximize your items and gear.

Soulsprout Plants

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The earliest method of getting Soul Motes is from Soulspout Plants. You will need to have hit Level 30 in Harvesting before you can use the plants, however.

These can be found in Everfall, First Light, and Windsward. An excellent area to check is to the west of Windsward. Make your way out to Cooper’s Ranch and you should find several Souplsouts along the route.


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Soulwyrms are creatures that will begin to appear a bit more regularly in areas such as the northern regions like Weaver’s Fen. Soulwyrms can spawn to the north of the river near Windward Fort, but they are extremely rare there.


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Soulspires are essential veins of Soul Motes that can be found like other ores in the game. You will need a mining level of 50 to collect them, and these are also found in the northern sectors of the map. Search Monarch’s Bluff and Everfall are good locations to find them. They can also be found quite often in the southern section of the Great Cleave.