Where to find Spade Gulch in Grounded, and how to complete the marker

Daily chores.


When you eventually find BURG.L in Grounded, the little mechanical friend will have plenty of tasks for you to do. Finishing these tasks will earn you Raw Science that you can use to purchase new recipes from him to make better bases and items. Sometimes these missions will be to place markers in certain parts of the map.

Where is Spade Gulch?

Spade Gulch Map

You can find Spade Gulch to the east of the Mysterious Machine. It is less of a spade, and more of a small farming trowel that looks incredibly large because you have been shrunk. There are lots of interesting resources here like acorns, so be sure to smash them up and take them with you.

This is a pretty safe area, but you can have some wandering Stinkbugs and Bombardiers around, which pose a threat but will not hunt you down and murder you the same way a spider will.

How to find the marker

The marker is actually quite easy to find once you know how to get to Spade Gulch, and it will appear as a small ghostly icon down in one of the trenches in the area. To complete the task, you need to build a trail marker that will require the follow resources:

  • Clover Leaf x 1
  • Plant Fiber x 2
  • Sprig x 2

All you need to do is build the marker, then place it in the right spot, and BURG.L task will be complete, netting you some sweet Raw Science.