Where to find Starblush in God of War: Ragnarök

You’re making us blush.

Image via Santa Monica Studios

As you travel from one realm to the next in God of War Ragnarök, you’ll come across multiple flowers as part of the Nine Realms in Bloom favor. Many of these are fairly easy to track down, but some, like the Starblush flower, require a bit more work before you can access them. If you’re struggling to find the Starblush in God of War Ragnarök, here is everything you need to know.

Where to find the Starblush flower in God of War Ragnarök

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Starblush flower is part of the Nine Realms in Bloom favour that Kratos performs for Freya. Most of the flowers are out in the open, but to find this one you’ll need to complete the Creatures of Prophecy main story quest and then the Scent of Survival favor, which will give you access to the northern section of Vanaheim realm known as The Crater.

While you explore this new area, you will find deep ravines that make it difficult to work your way through the region. The southern area of this part of the map is known as The Jungle. You’ll need to complete the Return of the River favor to get access to the area with the Starblush flower. With the waterways filled again, you need to head to the Mystic Gateway at Point 1 on the above map.

Climb into the tunnel above Mystic Gateway. When you come out, turn right. Look out for the dragon if you haven’t already defeated it. Use the chain on the wall to open the gate so you can bring a boat into the new area.

Head back through the tunnel and grapple across the river. Get in the boat and row through the gate. There will be a dock close to the Celestial Altar where the dragon initially attacked. Go southwest until you reach Point 2 on the map above. The Starblush flower should be in the middle of the path, waiting for you to pick it up.